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All About us

Meet our farmers

                  The Needham family moved to America from England in the early 1900s, they left behind a legacy of plant and animal breeding. Tom and Janet Needham have carried on this tradition in Mount Juliet, Tennessee for the last 31 years.  Tom is an expert nurseryman and also breeds a line of Plott Hounds that he sells all over the world.  With Tom and Janet’s hard work, Needham’s Nursery is voted Best of the Best in Mount Juliet year after year.

From the state of California, we have Don. He is one of the oldest, most respected cannabis breeders.  He helped to develop many of the cannabis strains for the medical and recreational marijuana market.

We also have Chief Greenbud from the state of West Virginia on our staff.  He will act as our official hemp tester.  Chief Greenbud is a marijuana legalization activist, singer, and has been a judge at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Our Fentress County Ranch Manager is Grant. He is an old style, county farmer with many years experience farming and breeding high quality cattle.

We have also partnered with another local hemp farm, 7 Points Farm and Apothecary in Mount Juliet. 

They say it takes a village, and we’ve got a great “village”.  Not only do we want to be successful, but we want our customers to be successful.  We plan on offering classes sometime in late June or early July.  We hope to see you there.


Purchasing hemp plants

We will have the ability to produce 500,000 plants in 2020!  We will start taking orders November 1st, 2019. Book your plants early!  There is a large demand for our superior genetics.

Our Growing areas

       Our primary growing and breeding site is in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.  We have 5  acres for growing and breeding. Our TOP SECRET breeding area is located here. This is where we will spend countless hours perfecting our new strain “Weedhams”.

       Our secondary location is located in the rolling hills of Fentress County on our 135 acre farm. It is located on King Mountain which is the heart of Tennessee’s #1 cash crop. We found 7 acres of virgin pasture land with deep topsoil.  This piece of land has only seen cows gently grazing upon it for the last 150 years. We are testing our new varieties here as we prepare for the 2020 season.



Plant breeding

We have purchased several varieties of Tennessee certified hemp seedlings.  We quickly found out that many of the varieties were not stable and needed the genetics cleaned up for a stronger plant. This is where the TOP SECRET breeding area comes in.  Our goal is to develop a high CBD, big fat buds, and low THC plant that will thrive in Tennessee.  Our newest strain will be Weedhams.